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Tantric massage, Milton Keynes, Reading, Berkshir

Givers Mantra " I love you just as you are,  I serve you with my full presence and awareness without exception "

Receivers Mantra " I am worthy of unconditional love just as I am, how much healing, love, and pleasure can I allow myself to take in "

Tantric massage, Milton Keynes, Reading, Berkshir

 Tantric massage is one of the ways that the bodies Kundalini ( Shakti) energy can be activated,  the flow of energy awakens dormant energy fields in the body.     Once activated the energy infuses the body giving a tremendous healing boost and allows trapped physical and mental pain to escape the body as well as deeply relaxing the mind, body and soul.

 Sexual energy can  also be used to purify the body , give a full body orgasm, fuel creativity and to achieve a higher state of  Awareness , the activation of energy in the body can bring a deep peace and calmness as well as highly altered states of alertness and vibrancy. 

Tantra Massage is a transcendent experience and a pathway to inner union, tantra trains you in bodily openness and present moment awareness.

I use sweet almond oil infused with an essential oil of your choice.  An assessment of the correct oil for skin type will be done before the massage commences . 

 I am a free and liberated renaissance woman therefore, it is my choice to massage in clothing that keeps me cool and comfortable and at my discretion topless. 

I am trained in Lingham and Yoni massage using ancient Taoist methods, please note, this is not always included in the massage if not appropriate.

As energy is moving from the root chakra it is encouraged to concentrate on the whole body experience rather than the genitals , the body takes time to assimilate this energy movement as it is released through the body by the marma points and Nadis. 

This exceptional form of Tantra massage has been developed by Somanander and is a synthesis of his extensive knowledge of Ayuredic massage and sexual tantra.

Book your Tantric Massage with Charlotte and embrace this new life affirming experience.

Call to book Mobile : 07553 203613

Available from my village location in Berkshire, Reading or my city location in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes