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What is Sublimation ?

Posted on 11 October, 2017 at 14:35 Comments comments (0)

Love making is a beautiful gift and a powerful expression of our sexual energies,  modern man has forgotten to explore love making as a potent and transformational act , tantric sexuality can help us re-discover a more sophisticated way of enjoying deeper and more profound experiences when making love and shows us how to experience Orgasm in a much more potent way.

The nature of sexual energy is force under pressure , we see this in young people who just hit puberty .. they are energetic beings with a boiling up of energies inside, as we get older something in us changes and we loose some of this vitality . when the sexual pressure is released with ejaculation this energy vanishes, over time this is called the loss of ‘Ojas’, Ojas is considered in Tantra as extremely potent condensed energy that manifests as sexual energy.

This highly condensed energy is located in the area of the root chakra at the base of the spine, Ojas is finite meaning the loss will affect you physically , for example premature ageing , weakness, illness in short.. our battery becomes depleted. Woman also loose Ojas through non tantric lovemaking, menstruation and emissive explosive clitoral orgasms ( other things too ).

How can tantric massage help preserve Ojas ? simply put one could decide to practice celibacy, but, life without sex in modern times is not an option for the majority of people , this is where Tantric massage steps in to offer an alternative path to sexual liberation and a way to sublime the sexual energies to achieve longer and more powerful orgasms.

Tantric massage teaches continence ( Brahmacharya) by driving the sexual energies from the three lower chakras ( mainly from the first two) up the energy channels in the body . The results of this are a more refined , deeper sensations , reaching much further on multiple levels. The teachings of tantric sexuality tell us that man can learn to separate the ejaculation from the orgasm and as a result experience stronger and longer orgasms.

It is noteworthy that biologically, ejaculation and orgasmic functions physical structure is not the same , it is a result of a reflex called Pavlovian response , this is created when young men are aroused and the ejaculatory response is triggered. This can be controlled with effort and practice. Tantric massage and tantric sexuality can train the body to learn how to achieve this tantric mastery.

for further reading please refer to my teachers Book  ;Tantra Sex for The Soul by  Somanander Moses Maimon


What is Tantric Massage ?

Posted on 25 September, 2017 at 14:00 Comments comments (0)

Most people have heard the word Tantra in context of the Karma Sutra or think its something to do with  sexual positions , only a small percentage of Tantra deals with the subject of sex, maybe 5 to 10% of the teachings. so Tantra is mainly misunderstood in the west and put in the same box as erotic massage, happy ending massage etc.  This has led to blurred boundries and some confusion to what is genuine Tantric massage and what would constitute a sexual service, hopefully this blog will clarify some of those misconseptions . Firstly, Tantra is not a religion , rather a teaching for an evolution of consciousness, tantra is a path for those that want to advance quickly spiritually.

Tantrics studied energy and all the aspects of energy, sexual energy being the most potent and powerful energy, sexual energy can be used for spirituality, so the tantrics studied this extensively, instead of using sexual energy to make life, they used this energy to accelerate individual spiritual evolution. Tantric sexual teachings are considered extremely powerful teachings and can be a spiritual path on its own .

Tantric massage was not an ancient practice , this has been developed to act as a bridge to assist peoples of today in our modern world to attain spiritual mastery and self realisation .  The teachings I have recieved are from Somanander.org who developed tantric massage from authentic Tantra sexuality and Ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques.

 The teachings I have received combines massage with tantric teachings of energy , using energy in massage increases the massage effects and the healing potential . Genital massage is part of the practice, this means that both the yoni and Lingham are both Massaged (sanskrit sacred names for both the Penis and female genitals, these very powerful and potent organs with many reflexology points can trigger many pleasurable and energetic effects.In Tantra the genitals are worshipped as gateways to higher states of being, there being no shame attached to the genitals. genital massage is performed with the up most care and respect.

The massage gives no happy endings, you will actually experience a different kind of pleasure and sensations, you will see that the lingham massage is done without an erection, for a tantric erection is not required to experience an energy orgasm. 

Tantra massage can release energy blockages , every person has energy blockages of some kind , where energy is blocked the flow is blocked, if left the blockage can develop into a physical issue.

The Genitals can store past and current traumas, these can stay in the genital area for years even decades, the healing of these blockages can lead to deep healing Subliming orgasm.


Some releases can deliver emotional and mental purification effects, especially in woman experiencing emotional release, the energy used in Tantric massage will start to push out various physical and mental blockages a person may have.

As most humans in the 21 century have toxins and impurities sometimes they leave the body in a physical way, for example nausea, pimples etc this is a normal response and a good sign that purification has taken place.



I look forward to delivering this life affirming therapy.


Samhain - Goodbye Summer hello Winter.

Posted on 30 October, 2016 at 6:00 Comments comments (0)

At the end of October we are Celebrating Halloween or Samhain, the coming half way point between light and dark , the end of summer#samhain and the beginning of winter . In this space energies shift between past, present and future, mystery and magic vibrate in the air and slowly and in her own time nature responds with a chorus of colour with falling leafs showing us how to let go as we flow into the next cycle of winter energies .  Already my physical body is preparing for the seasons changes and feeling contentment that my body can rest and allow dream time to flow into my home bringing space to hatch , incubate and create .

  Living in harmony with nature we can learn to observe natures habits , as the Oak tree begins to slow growth and pull moisture to it's centre , slowly adjusting to the changing weather so our bodies want to retreat and preserve energy too.  This time of year our immune system need extra nourishment and care , I'm going to relish winter and honour my bodies requests , letting go of 'busy' and rushing and allowing steady nurturing , preserving energy and sleeping longer without guilt .

This time of year as we aproach darker days and colder weather we can notice that our mood may feel less bouncy and depression can fall on us if we do not observe ourselfs with kindess, and with societies insistence on carrying on without adjusting to the seasons change our body becomes depleted as it is constantly being asked to push past its limits, especially if not given enough sleep,  excerise, daylight, rest and relaxation.

Tantra massage can help sustain good health and immunity throughout the year, particularly useful when the body is depleted of energy . The warmth of the Tantric massage experience automatically feels nuturing and encourages deep rest and inner sanctum .  Imagine a cold, dull day being welcomed into a warm candle lit room, filled with the aroma of spices and warm oils , being swaddled in warm blankets , soothed by relaxing music taking you on a sensory journey to bliss.

As we start our winter season its worth looking for self care treats to deepen the experience for nourishment of  the mind, body and spirit,  planning for the spring,  Gong Baths , yoga classes, particulary restorative classes , walks out in nature and of course eating favourtie winter foods , Stew and dumplings being a winter favourite in our house. 

May the Winter bring gifts of insight and inner peace to you all.


You've mastered the selfie, now master thy self

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You've mastered the selfie, now master thy self

New Blog -


The 21st Century is a time of scientific abundance with new studies and research revealing deeper knowledge of ancient teachings that once may have seemed esoteric and fantastical.

The Chakra system hover above the human body and are energetically connected to the spine, is revealed as a set of bioelectric vortices that harmonise massive nerve bundles and are controlled by the endocrine gland secretions, the 7 chakras are indicators of the harmony, health and balance in the body and have corresponding yin and yang polarities , tantra massage is one of the ways one can identify where there is a underlying emotional and health issue related to one of the chakras. When our chakras are unbalanced it leads us to make unwise decisions and we can feel depressed and indecisive. The study of the chakras is to be encouraged as this is a basic summery , helpful to those embarking on a spiritual path .


Muladhara - the root chakra  , is associated with the earth element  and our Vitality , a sense of belonging and confidence , when out of balance the person feels low energy, low self esteem , resulting is fear , this can lead to weight issues , constipation , when balanced energy flows freely .

Svadhisthana - the sacral Chakra , , is associated with the water element, the emotional centre of the body generating pleasure and deep connection , sexual desire, creative impulses , can be blocked by feelings of shame and guilt. When the sacral chakra is healthy , people feel fully engaged with life , alive, energetic and spontaneous.

Manipula - The navel chakra. associated with the fire element, a healthy third chakra will manifest stability and strength , with an emphasis on the ability to manifest one hopes and dreams , high self control, expansiveness, a weak and unmanaged manipula will absorb energies from everything and can manifest as hypersensitivity creating health and emotional issues . Imbalances can manifest as lack of self confidence leading to aggressive behaviour and domination of others.

Anahata - The heart Chakra . associated with the air element . The heart chakra is a masterpiece of creation with a potential to create harmonies and vibrations . The heart chakra when open and flourishing can transform pain and suffering , radiate unconditional love , empathy and selflessness when we are heartbroken by love or grief the heart energies suffer.

Vishuddha - The throat chakra . associated with the element of Ether. The throat , the confessional , inhibited by lies, oppression , when we communicate well with others both written and verbal we are able to communicate effectively and constructively for the greater good and create harmony for ourselves and others.

Ajna - The Third eye  .associated with mind and mental facilities. The third eye ( the pineal gland ) psychic abilities, inner wisdom and intuitive powers. This chakra is particularly related to our imaginations and dreams , blockages can cause migraines , insomnia and anxiety.

Sahasrara - crown of the head . Pure cosmic energy and directly connects us to the highest self within us.


When we are aware of our subtle energies we are able to master ourselves and live to our optimal potential.

Who are you ?

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Who Are You ?

Each reincarnation of our soul shows we are cosmic energy expressing itself in human form, we come to earth to learn, grow and evolve and express love as well as darkness as we grow towards enlightenment.

How can mankind evolve and grow when there is the illusion that each carnation is in a skin that fits the delusion of superiority and entitlement , we all travel here on the same mission as the same energy and have been here many times witnessing the same separation and division.

If we choose to deeply look in the eyes in our fellow man we will see ourselves and the universe staring back and the eternal truth that we are all love, look to the truth in your hearts and recognise that the hatred is fear, fear of being human, alone and isolated, then realise deeply that this is an energy surfacing from the lower vibrational dimensions and is no longer serving humanity in its quest to evolve into oneness, love and compassion.

When we collectively realise that the elite energies on our planet are rejoicing at the manipulation and pain they are causing we will become more loving and powerful than we can ever imagine, and turn to our brothers and sisters in love and unity.

I am another you, you are another me.

 Charlotte 9-7-16



" Self is infinite, deathless and birth less. Because the self is infinite spirit, it does not befit you to be a slave,....arise! awake! stand up and fight, die if you must There is none to help you. Self is the entire world, who can help you ? " Swami Vivekananda

Energy Flow

Posted on 18 May, 2016 at 9:05 Comments comments (0)

Energy , Frequency and Vibration



When toxic energy is trapped in the light body it obstructs the free flow of energy, frequency and vibration causing pain and dis-ease. To visualise this imagine a free flowing stream with a large rock obstructing the flow of water. The water finds away round and over the rock , but eventually other debris and pebbles are trapped too and create a dam blocking the flow and only a slight trickle remains. Now apply this visual to the flow of energy in and around the light body .


The obstruction manifests as a result of unresolved and unhealed trauma, grief, deep sadness , anxiety etc . An accumulation of stored and unreleased emotional pain collects and begins to affect the harmony of mind body and soul.



If we look deeply into suffering we can begin to notice the pain and obstruction of flow in others and can recognise that when our energy is blocked the relationship with ourselves, others suffer as well.



Eckart Tolle explains ' Pain bodies ' both individually and collectively. Simply put each of has inherited residue pain of past traumas. Collectively pain manifests like ripples in water for generations. War is an example of suffering that has been inflicted on humanity or tragedies resulting in the loss of heritage and belonging .



It takes bravery and commitment to undo pain and suffering as it is in us all. Collectively we suffer until we become our own masters and look inwards for healing and clear energetic obstacles. This is freedom. To bring an end to our suffering and release it into the light to be made visible and make space for new energy and flow without obstruction . Our bodies can then self regulate and heal. There are many tools available to you to begin your journey. Yoga, sound healing , reading books that help you recognise who you are and who you are not. Tantra massage , meditation and many other routes to inner knowledge, to be under the spiritual guidance of a Teacher or Guru with a lineage of great teachers is the optimum route .



If you are interested in digging deeper I recommend The Power of Now or New Earth by Eckart Tolle. For a scientific perspective research Nikola Tesla ( 1856- Physicist) .My teacher Somanander has an extensive authentic reading list on his web page Somanader,org. Somanander.org.


Soft Porn Addiction

Posted on 8 April, 2016 at 15:00 Comments comments (1)

Soft Porn addictions.

Before I alienate any readers, I am firstly going to point out that this is my opinion and my perspective based on talking to men honestly about their porn use and considering the results of professional research. This writing is in no way meant to criticize or cast judgement.

Prior to the internet accessing Porn seemed to be a grubby pursuit based around sneaking peeks at `Dirty Mags’ even calling the magazines ‘Dirty’ casts a shadow of shame and titillation, woman in these magazines possibly considered bad, lose or immoral , an opinion shared by woman as well as men. Shadowy peep shows and men in Macs prowling seedy cinemas cast a looming shadow over our nation’s supressed sexual identity .

Big Fanfare, the internet ! and the historical sexualisation of woman and girls continued at a rapid rate, adverts look like soft porn , women become objectified at an alarming rate to the point where we are no longer conscious of the control and subliminal messages fed to us by TV adverts , Music Videos etc . Sex sells, but at the cost of desensitising us and further sexualisation and objectification of the female body to the point that woman are now held accountable for showing nipples in public to feed their babies. Women who show nipples on social media are censored, mens are not..this is where the hypocrisy of our society adds to the frustration of woman who want to re-claim the Goddess and the respect that encourages in us all.

The gratification porn provides is so easy, young boys must be terrified at the prospect of real life interactions and men in relationships can by-pass all the emotions associated with a deep connection. The ease at which porn is accessed feeds the hungry sexual energies which quell the fire. This pursuit can become addictive, providing instant pleasure until the next time and most men admit to their sexual urges as being disruptive and frustrating.

Russell Brand recently posted a brutally honest blog about his thoughts on the porn industry and the struggles he had with sex addiction, and his realisation as a conscious man that his primal urges and porn use where causing him conflict to his spiritual growth and how he felt about women.



As a woman who is actively supporting men to reconnect to themselves through Tantra massage I am asking them to consider a new way of connecting to and exploring sensuality and sexuality. The focus of arousal is the self and the deep connection to the inner self, the reminder that the body is capable of far more enjoyment and sexual freedom and release than ever considered

Porn asks us to contract and turn in on ourselves for pleasure, when our deepest primal urges naturally draw us to each other to explore expand and integrate our sensuality and passion .

There are a growing number of men of all ages who are feeling this disillusionment and detachment from their sexuality and have rediscovered themselves through the practice of tantra massage .

Porn has always been part of culture. Let us ask ourselves to be mindful of its purpose and what the habitual use of porn does to the real life relationships with ourselves and the women in our lives.



Tantra Massage a Reunion Party

Posted on 27 March, 2016 at 9:50 Comments comments (1)

Tantra Massage – A Reunion Party


How many of you reading this are feeling that despite following all the rules laid down for us by establishment and Government, paying our bills, working hard, obeying and subduing our inner longings that we are collectively and individually unhappy.

The western concept of “ Having it all “ consume and you will be happy, look like this and you will be happy etc.. is a misconception , no authority, religious bodies, Mainstream media, anyone that tells you how to feel or be is not cultivating your happiness, compassion, unity or self-love. This is your personnel responsibility to become aware of and reconnect to your inner guru, your soul or spirit, the essence of you , the real you.

There has never been a time that you have been separate from your soul you are already on a spiritual path, that journey began when you were born to this world, it is impossible to separate from your spirit, it’s just merely that you have lost that connection . You will not find deeper happiness in a relationship and obtaining stuff, lasting peace and happiness in our lives comes from the consciousness and awareness of ourselves and others as one.

Tantra massage is one way that the body, mind and soul all re-connect , a reunion party ! Here in the space of peace and deep connection can the soul speak to you and remind you who you are . Each soul in the world knows we are all here to help each other to remember and wake each other from the sleep of illusion.

All beginnings in life, the roads and signs that answer the call of our soul should not be ignored , the soul is the essence of all humanity embodied , it knows everything and guided you to read this and enquire further.

“ The great awareness comes slowly , piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of life long learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one” M Scott Peck



Receiving Money for healing

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Receiving Money for Healing.

Give and you shall receive, receive and you shall give.


Money holds an energy, let it flow through you without attachment..

Many friends of mine are gentle creative souls who have discussed the often difficult subject of charging money for their services and the conflict around the energy of Money.

Artists are constantly asked for free work as are musicians, it seems any work that is a creative gift is expected to somehow be a gift for all and free, the same goes for healing. In a New World we might trade skills and goods, one day maybe, at the moment we are stuck with cash monies.

My experience has been extremely positive as I intuitively felt that a little ritual around receiving monies for my work would make the transaction seem more honoured and honourable.

I created a box so clients can place the monies inside with these words written; Money holds an energy, let it flow through you without attachment. The Scales are now balanced. I found a pretty cool picture of scales that is pasted on the box.

The gift or service for any art, music, healing is far reaching and long lasting , looking at the art you have purchased will give a life time of

pleasure, the healing, a huge gift to yourself and others benefit from ones added health, spirtual and physical

Money is a game to explore the illusions of worth and unworthiness , if we value ourselves, if we recognise and honour the value of our time and services, the value of others and their services, align with the the divine flow of prosperity and abundance and services, the value of others and their services, align with the the divine flow of prosperity and abundance that is the natural state of the universes divine creation Money becomes flow.







The Hand Heart Connection

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‘ May our hands be windows of feeling and our eyes un-seeking, open. “

Aisha Wolfe.


In the middle of each palm of our hands is the hand Chakra, hands can be both expressive and receptive and can channel energy that flows freely from the heart and through the palms.

When I am massaging my heart syncs with the receiver and a feeling of love and peace radiates through my body, I can feel my hands sizzling and buzzing with an energy and often after massaging my heart is so full of love and peace that the benefit is shared and radiates in all areas of life.

The heart Chakra relates to the ability to channel the internal world (Expression, love, art, healing etc.) to the external world, healthy hand chakras confer a natural flow to others and a natural flow of external expression.

Using sacred shapes made with my hands during massage and Mudras (meaning to seal the intention) is part of the Tantra tradition.

So when you feel my hands, I am touching you with all that is in my heart.


“ Mudras are the sign language of God. They infuse divine energy or draw it to us like an antenna. “

William Thomas..