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Liisa Maimon co founder of Somanada Tantra school . A transmission for Woman

Posted on 25 October, 2018 at 8:00
Every woman has blockages these day. Most are unknown and yet can attribute to common issues that women face daily. They can accumulate physically, energetically, emotionally, sexually and mentally. Can you relate to any of these? ??? Prone to sadness, negative moods or depression ??? Missing joy and contentment in life ??? Feeling disconnected from oneself ??? Chronic health issues ??? Over emotional ??? Dissatisfaction in sexual intimacy ??? Confusion ??? Yearning for something deeper I interact with women often and I can tell you most suffer from one or more of the above. But Tantra Massage turns it all around. In fact, it is one of the most powerful healers I have ever come across. I remember in 2009 when I received my first Tantra massage session... wow... I flew to the cosmos! Really. Energetically speaking. I experienced intense and pleasurable upward flow of energy, which is the exact point of this practice. Read my article on 7 Benefits of Tantra Massage and learn how you can empower yourself as a woman to be happy, content and shining. Last 24 hours! Join 10-day Tantra Massage course with 20% off www.Somanader.org Our exclusive 20% discount for women only will be expiring tomorrow. Won't you join me from 15 to 25 November for our next Tantra Massage training? Use discount code ladies-20 at checkout and save 450???. I wanna check it out! please check the Somananda.org yoga school web page for further up dated offers and courses , find on facebook or Intagram. With Love, Liisa Maimon Co-founder of Somananda Tantra School Advanced Tantra, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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