How to find a safe and trustworthy paracticioner?

Posted on December 6, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Tantric massage practitioners should be able to produce evidence of the qualification recieved, and the training school , this narrows down the search for a therapist in this field.   Having said this,

When you have spoken to the therapist you should feel a bit more relaxed about making your choice as your intuition will allert you to any unease , there is always time for a connection and questions before the massage commences , a good therapist will put you at ease and encourage you to ask any questions no matter how silly they may seem to you ,  and voice your concerns. A positive resonance between the therapist and client enhances the massage effects and builds trust which is essential to a harmonious interaction ,

The practitioner should be able to seperate their ego from the experience and portray the healing experience as being already a potential in the client and that the practitioner simply guides the energy for transformation .

It can help to have an intention before receiving the massage , you might be looking for an expanded energetic experience, reconnect to your sensuality, heal trauma both mentally and physical, connect spiritualy, and many other individual or collective intentions.

Please feel free to ask any questions prior to booking .


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